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Manual & Massage Therapies:

Recover From Injury & Reduce Pain

Massage and manual therapy are two treatment techniques used at Central Florida Accident and Injury. Our fully qualified, licensed, and experienced massage therapists know how effective massage can be at treating soft tissue injuries and reducing swelling and pain. Learn how manual and massage therapy can help you recover from injury.

How Massage Therapy Works

Both manual and massage therapy promote the healing process in a many different ways.

Patients Become Relaxed

The body automatically loosens and becomes more relaxed because of massage techniques and human touch. Your heart rate slows, breathing rates goes down, and blood pressure drops. There is a reduction in the stress hormones the body produces and an increase in serotonin.

In addition to treating injuries, massage and manual therapies can reduce the impact of stress, anxiety, depression, and other emotional states. They can also help with several other conditions including hypertension, fatigue, and more.

Changes Occur in a Patient’s Nerves and Muscles

When pressure is applied to the soft tissues, blood circulation increases and relaxes your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and more. This allows for reduced pressure on the nerves, deeper tissues, and organs.

Improved circulation means more oxygen and nutrients getting to the right places, improving cellular health. This helps muscles and tissues heal more effectively, get rid of waste products, and reduce swelling.

Benefits of Manual & Massage Therapies

Central Florida Accident & Injury’s therapies are performed in a relaxed environment. Our licensed massage therapists are experienced at treating soft tissue injuries which helps to significantly reduce swelling and pain.

There are numerous benefits of manual and massage therapy. In addition to a feeling of deep relaxation, manual and massage therapies can help reduce soreness and swelling, realign tissues, and provide relief from certain injuries. These therapies are effective at providing short-term relief, and, with continued treatment, long-term results.

Massage and Manual Therapies Are Effective at Treating Injuries

As injury treatment specialists, we know manual and massage therapies are also effective for:

  • Promoting effective healing. Enhanced blood flow to the muscles and soft tissues speeds up recovery.
  • Reducing swelling. Massage can help make cells healthier, meaning the cells can more easily get rid of excess fluid and waste, which often leads to swelling.
  • Limiting pain. Tight muscles create unnecessary tension in the body. Gentle massage gets rid of tightness and knots, reducing pain.
  • Enhancing mobility. Looser muscles enable a greater range of movement, so there is greater flexibility.

We can also provide massage therapy for other areas not related to accidents or injuries.

It Can Help Patients Live Better

Continued sessions of massage therapy can help patients live better, specifically:

  • Reducing the stress and strains of everyday life.
  • Providing time to disconnect, relax, and have some time to one’s self.
  • Helping patients develop better posture and reducing muscle tension and cramps.


Central Florida Accident & Injury can quickly assess patient injury or health condition and determine if manual or massage therapy is the right treatment.

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