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What are your wishes this holiday?

It’s a stressful time of year. In addition to performing the duties associated with all of your other responsibilities, you have added responsibilities that the holidays require. Where are we celebrating? Who will be there? What do I have to do/bring? Is my shopping done? Do I have enough money for that gift for Mom? Will the children be happy? The holidays can really pack on the stress, which can result in headaches and stomach disorders, to name just a couple of things that can reduce your enjoyment of the season!

How do you deal with that kind of stress? Well… you should put some of the focus on yourself and do something you really enjoy this time of year. Take a nice latte break while shopping. Get a massage. Buy a holiday gift that is just to you, from you! Have a manicure, a pedicure, a facial – or even all three!

Throw a cookie exchange party to cut down on baking! Have dinner with an old friend who is coming into town to visit family.

In terms of cooking – buy some prepared foods or hire someone to help with food preparation. Ask everyone to bring a dish. Or, cut back on food preparation entirely, there’s always too much anyway and who needs all those extra calories anyway? Get the children to pitch in to help – they love to make cookies!

Other obligations? Forget the holiday cards this year. Enlist help from your family with the decorating. Have a grab bag instead of buying for every family member.

The idea here is to take care of yourself and part of doing that is making sure you take care of your health naturally by keeping up with your chiropractic adjustments, eating nutritious foods, and getting plenty of water and rest!

Do something different this year – do something for YOU!