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Platelet Rich Plasma

If you suffer from a painful condition and want an alternative to traditional surgery or pain medication, platelet rich plasma therapy may be exactly what you need. PRP therapy, as it is also known, is made from a sample of your own blood, and it works alongside your body’s natural healing mechanism to help resolve the underlying cause of your pain.

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What Conditions Can Platelet Rich Plasma Treat?

We use platelet-rich plasma to treat a range of painful conditions and for a handful of cosmetic treatments. PRP therapy is minimally invasive and typically requires very little downtime, if any. The fact that it is made using your own blood also means there’s very little chance of your body rejecting the treatment.

PRP Therapy Kissimmee, FL

Some of the conditions that PRP can effectively treat include:

Why Choose PRP Therapy?

The key to the success of PRP therapy in treating pain is that it addresses the underlying cause of the pain and doesn’t just try to mask the symptoms. Pain medication can offer temporary relief, which may seem like a solution, but it really creates a never-ending cycle that can end up being quite dangerous.

It’s only when you treat the root cause of the pain that you can hope to experience long-lasting results.

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To create platelet-rich plasma, we draw a small sample of your blood and place it in a centrifuge to spin at high speed. As this is taking place, the red blood cells and blood platelets separate.

This leaves behind highly concentrated PRP that’s rich in healing properties. Next, we inject the PRP into your painful or damaged tissue, where it can help your body facilitate the healing process.

Most patients report feeling very little discomfort during PRP therapy. The fact that they can carry on with their day is a huge benefit.

Have you been injured in an accident or playing sports? Do you have a degenerative condition that causes you pain on a daily basis? Platelet-rich plasma therapy may offer the help you need to find a long-term solution.

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